Become a Driver

Become A Three Rivers Transportation Driver

Join a TEAM That VALUES your Services!

If you have the drive, we have the job for you! In an exciting, fast paced and continuously expanding transportation industry, Three Rivers Transportation is seeking drivers who can responsibly operate their own vehicles in high demand. We are offering independent driver positions and whether you are interested in full-time, part-time, or merely looking for ways to connect with your community, there is a position for you. All drivers will have to undergo a standard screening process and certification training. The following is some of the general criteria you must meet. Please read carefully!

Driver Qualification:

– Age 21 or older

– Excellent customer service skills

– Have a fair knowledge of the city and surrounding areas

– Need to have a clean driving record and pass a background check

– Drivers will be required to undergo a pre-employment drug screen

Vehicle Qualifications:

– Vehicles must have copies of current insurance and registration in the vehicle at all times

– Vehicles must have working air condition and heating units

– Vehicles must have functioning seat belts

– Vehicles must be inspected

– Vehicles must have functioning brake system

– Vehicles must be in “fare-ready” condition and clean

Many of us are well aware that the very vehicles we own depreciate in value annually. Although they may mean a lot to us, the bottom line is that they do not value the same when trying to sell or trade the vehicle. With that being said, it make sense for us to maximize our depreciating assets. One way you can do that is by signing up with Three Rivers Transportation as an Independent Contractor. We contract drivers with their own vehicles through our rental policy agreement and once approved, driving for Three Rivers Transportation allows you to turn your vehicle into a way to generate revenue!

If you want to enjoy working with a team of people who value your services while creating income with flexible schedules, fill out and submit the online application today!